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How To Help Address Rural Health Disparities

By: Zakwan Khan and Nabihah Khan


(Photo Credit: Unsplash)


Despite comprising nearly one-fifth of the United States population, rural residents are subject to an under overstretched and understaffed healthcare systems. With mortality rates greater than their urban counterparts, it is important to acknowledge and address the fact that even within the U.S., not all healthcare systems are created equal.

Please visit the Rural Health Information Hub if you’re interested in learning more about helping to make medicine more accessible for rural residents. On their site under the Resources tab, you can find many documents, webinars, and workshops that aim to educate others on the realities of rural health disparities.

Additionally, organizations like Remote Area Medical are always in need of funding to continue to provide underserved rural populations access to free medical, dental, and vision care. If you are unable to contribute financially, please consider volunteering for their free clinics. Additionally, if you have training as a medical professional, you can donate your time and expertise for one of their weekend clinics.

Together, we must come together to give a voice to those who are often ignored, and help tackle an issue that is costing lives and destroying families.

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