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About The Waiting Room

In The Waiting Room was an initiative started by the Bridging Medicine organization at Emory University. As aspiring health professionals and concerned citizens, we recognize the hard work and advances that have been made by many in the healthcare and scientific research fields. Unfortunately, inequity and injustice still exist in these disciplines and these should have no home in careers that are meant to be rooted in empathy and humanity.

Through this project, we hope to factually discuss the disparities that plague healthcare and oppress communities, while also highlighting the achievements of trailblazers who continue to serve as beacons of hope for many. Furthermore, to drive lasting change, we have included resources on how to contribute to the conversation and make healthcare a more accessible reality for us all. 

Every Friday we will post an article, podcast, or interview addresses these aforementioned subjects. 

Thus, please be sure subscribe to our newsletter, follow our Facebook, or browse our Instagram to get notified of new posts.

And once again, welcome to the Waiting Room.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

Meet The Team

Hello! I’m Arpita Arpita Gaggar, co-president of Bridging Medicine at Emory. I am a senior on the pre-med track from Fremont, California majoring in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology (NBB) while also attending the Business School. I am involved on campus as the Research Branch Head for Health & Development in Guatemala and as part of the Emory Karma Bhangra dance team, Relay for Life, and Emory Pre-Med Association. I was previously a Healthy Eagle, Bio 142 SI, Nishana Bollywood Dance Team member, Oxford Research Scholar, and Food Recovery Network president at the Oxford campus. Aside from studying, I spend my time time reading, dancing, baking, exercising, or making Tiktoks.

Arpita Headshot.jpg

Hello! I am India and I am a 4th year at Emory University studying Human Health on the Epidemiology Track. I co-president of Bridging Medicine at Emory, and in the future I plans to dedicate my work towards social-epidemiology and finding community-based solutions to addressing health disparities globally. On campus, I am a student writer on the Emory Health News Team and the Emory Office of Technology Transfer. I am also passionate about various art forms, such as film and painting, and I am interested in the potential of art as a tool for health criticism and awareness.

New2Neuro - Helena Zeleke.jpg

Hello everyone! My name is Helena and I am a Junior at Emory University studying Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology. I am the Service Director of this club, and joined Bridging Medicine @ Emory because I am passionate about ridding communities in Atlanta, and all over the world, of health inequity.



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