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Education is the first step towards progress.

Welcome to the Waiting Room

The waiting room has long been a site of anticipation and even fear, as patients linger in sterile settings, waiting for the fateful moment their name is called. The waiting room is a space that captures the moments preceding both routine check-ups and life-altering diagnoses. And for us, the Waiting Room is the site that precedes a much-needed revolution, a place to help make the healthcare field a more equitable and just space for all.

Settle in with some of our favorite reads. Let's continue the conversation. Together.

Behind the Waiting Room

In The Waiting Room was an initiative started by the Bridging Medicine organization at Emory University. As aspiring health professionals and concerned citizens, we recognize the hard work and advances that have been made by many in the healthcare and scientific research fields. Unfortunately, inequity and injustice still exist in these disciplines and these should have no home in careers that are meant to be rooted in empathy and humanity.

Through this project, we hope to factually discuss the disparities that plague healthcare and oppress communities, while also highlighting the achievements of trailblazers who continue to serve as beacons of hope for many. Furthermore, to drive lasting change, we have included resources on how to contribute to the conversation and make healthcare a more accessible reality for us all. 

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